There is a process that any serious mixer submits to when they start mixing. To a great extent when they begin there is luck. If that mixer is really lucky they have a nose- the ability to discriminate flavours and work out which bit of a mix creates the effects they observe.

If they are really, really lucky they mix something excellent at this point. Something that makes them wonder at how good it is and at just how it happens to be that good.

If they continue to be lucky and if they pay attention they are inspired by the flavours in the world around them. They play with the components they can find on the market. If they are persistent they begin to learn just how difficult it is to emulate or even parallel a real world flavour.

Then as they study, long and slow, usually ignoring trends or fads, following their lucky nose they find themselves with a host of ideas and no way of making them happen.

And so they remain, just doing their thing focussing on all the other things that keep their world together, running websites, ordering materials, selling products all the while collecting ideas and inspirations, playing with flavours, wondering just what the hell it is that makes a good flavour work.

One day they run into the flavours they need to realise their dusty old ideas- and suddenly there is an explosion of creativity. Other mixers are often the catalyst here- as they naturally collaborate breaking out of the usual solitary confines of the lab.

And so the long and slow meets the quick and dirty, new flavours popping out like fireworks at a display. People wonder, "just where the hell are these flavours coming from? They're so different; so delicious."

Well, they came from long nights of wondering, experimenting and failing but not giving up.

That and lots of luck.
It is difficult to convey the sense of responsibility felt by a mixer who has followed something like this course of development. They will never release anything they think is just ok- simply for the sake of selling a few bottles.

They will always be satisfied with what they have released- whether it has proved popular or profitable or neither because it has passed the most stringent conditions they can come up with during development. The juice will either find its audience or it won't. If it ever does, then the mixer will be able to stand by it and all of their work.

In the end they are simply enthusiasts of flavour and their juices are the product of endless paying attention to detail; hunting for that vital ingredient; finding the optimum balance in the mix.

This is what Indigene, Manabush and The Druid's Brew are all about- a passion for flavour and a dedication to quality and detail in their eLiquids.