• Shortfills and the Dark Art of Steeping

    Shortfills and the Dark Art of Steeping

    Here we are, you and I, vaping away on a flavour that just does it for us. It may be in a rotation with others... an evening vape; an ADV. Whatever it is, we've arrived at using it the hard way, trying loads of different things to find it. And we've been fussy haven't we? Does it kill my coil too quickly? Does it go with a beer? Does it work in my favourite device or do I have to dig the old dripper out of the attic to enjoy it? If you find that flavour, I do hope the maker...

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  • MTL All the Way.

    MTL All the Way.

    Mouth to Lung vaping- the original format for enjoying inhaling nicotine and flavourings- has had a sudden resurgence. Indigene, Manabush and The Druid's Brew have always had this audience in mind with our mixes and to say we are gratified at the return of this wayward child would be an understatement. We're delighted. There are lots of reasons for this resurgence- not least of all the 10ml bottle limit imposed by the TPD here in the EU; the emergence of Nicotine Salt based liquids as an option for tiny "Pod" style devices; the economy being difficult and people having less...

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  • Do you really get the eLiquid you pay for?

    Mixing is a world almost without limitation. Each blend presents the mixer with an infinity of choices to be made. So how do they ever manage to get something finished and into production?
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  • The Hidden Potential of eLiquid

    The Hidden Potential of eLiquid

    Vaping devices have evolved over the last 10 years into a plethora of forms. There is, literally, a device out there for every vaper; for every possible circumstance. But one thing has never changed: functionally, they are very simple- a battery that heats a coil which emits a flavoured vapour, with or without nicotine.

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  • Why do we use Tobacco as a Flavouring?

    Why do we use Tobacco as a Flavouring?

    They are big, layered flavours that in the hands of a skilled mixer can bring an otherwise interesting but uniform flavour experience to life!
    When smokers switch to vaping a lot of advice suggests starting out on tobacco flavours and then "graduating" to other flavours over time.
    Many vapers- including us- continue to enjoy the deep complexity, body and satisfaction only this class of flavourings can deliver.
    Try them and choose your own direction.
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