Welcome to Indigéne Eliquid

Indigéne eLiquid is a collaborative project between the makers of Manabush and The Druid's Brew eLiquid ranges. The two brands share a common philosophy- the dedicated and passionate pursuit of flavour complexity and satisfaction.

After the first flush of experimentation, vapers are often on the lookout for more grown-up brands that fall outside the fare generally on offer in the market. This vaper is perhaps less interested in immature, obvious or trashy branding. Indigene exists to offer this vaper a choice of something a lot more thoughtful- quality flavours that are never boring or obsolete; that invite the user to sample the rest of the range and to engage with what we are doing in the long term.


We spend many hundreds of hours on refining recipes to create eLiquids with real body and enduring interest for the vaper. This starts with looking for the best flavour components the world has to offer, often wedding the complexity of tobaccos with an identifiable core to create something unique, subtle yet with wide appeal. 

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The Hidden Potential of eLiquid

Vaping devices have evolved over the last 10 years into a plethora of forms. There is, literally, a device out there for every vaper; for every possible circumstance. But one thing has never changed: functionally, they are very simple- a battery that heats a coil which emits a flavoured vapour, with or without nicotine.

But within this simple system there are countless variables that influence the user experience: coil temperature, airflow, the voltage across the coil, the material the coil is made from, the bore of the drip tip, what wick material is being used... the list is almost endless.

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Why do we use Tobacco as a Flavouring?

They are big, layered flavours that in the hands of a skilled mixer can bring an otherwise interesting but uniform flavour experience to life!
When smokers switch to vaping a lot of advice suggests starting out on tobacco flavours and then "graduating" to other flavours over time.
Many vapers- including us- continue to enjoy the deep complexity, body and satisfaction only this class of flavourings can deliver.
Try them and choose your own direction.

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